Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Month in Our Life: July 2010

This month (at 24-25 months) my baby did some very surprising things!
  • One day while watching two bicyclists whiz past, he said his first sentence: "Other one guy helmet on; other one guy no helmet."
  • One day while playing in the office, he looked up at our client and counted 1-5 in Spanish.
  • One day in the grocery store, I asked him to help me put pea pods in the produce bag, and as he dropped them in he counted them 1-10 (well, minus 9).
  • Counting backwards from 5-0.
  • "W X Y Z" (you've gotta start somewhere - might as well start at the end).
He also started picking out his own clothes and dressing himself.

But even more exciting: We are moving into our own place the beginning of August!!! After 20 1/2 months of living with other people, we will finally be on our own again as a family. Thank you and good buy to Erika, Ticha, and Andy.

Wearing Erika's climbing gear:

Wearing Ticha's high heels and purse:

Wearing Andy's oxygen:

And to finish, a sampling of some of our fun summer activities:

Saturday morning exploring some of Denver's grittier neighborhoods:

Saturday afternoon at the pop jet fountain:

Sunday afternoon at the park:

Makeshift playground anywhere we go:

Climbing toys at the park:

Climbing ladders at the office:

Climbing trees at home:

Typical weekday morning fun with sidewalk chalk and a little car:

Typical weekend fun with the neighbors' dogs:

And the highlight of every week: Tuesday mornings with the lawnmower guys, who landscape some few houses a block away. (Listen for "Turn on weed wacker.")