Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Month in Our Life: April 2010

Still no money for a new camera to replace the one that was stolen, so here are a few notes from April:
  • Both bottom two-year molars came in
  • First four-syllable word: dandelion
  • First three-word phrase: mama blue car
  • Other three-word phrases: dirty blue car, dirty gray car
  • His term for fish in a fish tank: agua birdie
  • My baby has quite a lot of upper body strength. He can pull himself up onto a high chair and climb the side of our bookshelf.
  • My baby is still obsessed about keeping things clean. If he spots a tiny crumb (so small that I have to get on my hands and knees to even see it), he either picks it up and puts it in the basura (trash can) or cries out "blue on, blue on" (referring to the blue vacuum cleaner at the office). He would vacuum all day if he could. Unfortunately, the office vacuum cleaners are too loud to run when our landlord has clients in the office, so we only get to vacuum after they leave at night.
  • My baby is also concerned with putting things away in their proper place. If we are in a grocery store parking lot and he spies an abandoned shopping cart, he doesn't rest until we have pushed all the out-of-place shopping carts back where they belong!
  • OH DEAR! My baby picked up this phrase from the adorable book Sheep in a Jeep. He says it often - up to 5 times a minute. It's quite catchy: I now say it, our roommates now say it, people at church now say it, people at the office now say it. Amazing how influential a baby can be!