Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Month in Our Life: February 2010

Our month began with a trip back to Washington State - a second (late) Christmas with the entire family. (My brothers both had to work on Christmas, so they weren't able to fly in for the "real thing.") My baby had lots of fun playing with his cousins, and I enjoyed seeing how big each had grown since last seeing them in person.

We were blessed to have an entire airplane row to ourselves both coming and going, and my baby loved moving from seat to seat, clicking the seat belt together, then unbuckling it, clicking it together again, then unbuckling it... I have always wondered why the flight attendants demonstrate how seat belts work, especially since they only do the demonstration after everyone is already supposed to be buckled in. Now that I know a 20 month old can figure it out on his own, I'm really wondering...

Reading up on airplane emergency procedures:

Sadly, I lost my camera (had it stolen?) near the beginning of the month. Of course, my baby seems to have done more cute things this month than the other 18 months of his life, and I had no way to photograph them. But here are two cute stories that exemplify our month. As a backgrounder, my baby's favorite phrase is "uh oh" (which he says any time something breaks or falls apart) and his two current obsessions are vacuums and poop.
  1. The hose attachment on his toy vacuum broke off, and every time he catches sight of the broken vacuum he say's "uh oh." I tried multiple times to tape the hose back on, but it never stays long, especially since my baby likes to push the vacuum back and forth as fast as possible in an attempt to "re-break" it. One morning the tape came loose and the hose fell off. After saying "uh oh," my baby took off his diaper and proceeded to try and tape himself!
  2. My baby stopped telling me he had to go potty a month or so ago. But he immediately takes his diaper off as soon as he wets or messes his diaper. Whenever there is poo poo in the diaper, we wrap the diaper up like a burrito and my baby walks the diaper through to the bathroom, places it on the floor, carefully unwraps it, picks the diaper up, and with my help dumps it in the toilet. He panics and cries if he has to wait for our routine - after all, who wants to sit there and look at poo poo - so even when there is a client in the office we quickly excuse ourselves to take care of business. One day as we dropped the poo poo in the toilet, it broke into two pieces and he blurted out "uh oh, uh oh."