Friday, September 10, 2010

My Baby's A Genius: August 2010 - Part 1

"He should be on the Jay Leno show!" someone told us in the zoo parking lot. A couple weeks later, a bike rider who almost hit a car because she was gawking in surprise at my baby. I know every mother thinks her child is a genius, and I'm no different. I'll explain at the bottom of the post why these two people were shocked, but for now let's recap our month...

In cute news, last month my baby gave business cards away to everyone as they walked out of the office. This month, everyone gets a hand shake, usually one with the left hand and another with the right.

Out of the blue at least a couple times a day, my baby says "Kountani Gambo from Baku, Ghana." Oddly, he has never met this fascinating person - she is the mother of one of our clients and he picked up her particulars from one of our conversations. He can also tell you from which different country many of our African clients are from. Funny he doesn't seem interested in the origin of any of our non-African clients.

A friend gave us her son's trike, and we must take it with us everywhere we go. It sleeps in our bedroom or the hallway at night, it goes with us to the park, and it rides in the backseat of the car each time we drive somewhere.

Another cute outfit he picked on his own:

Fun with Uncle Seth, who was visiting from Las Vegas!

Definitely progressing in true boy fashion, my baby is just short of obsessed with any motor-run contraption. Here, getting a ride on one of his favorite "toys" at the pawn shop:

Any time we see a motorcycle or moped, he identifies which it is and then proceeds to run through the list of things a driver must do before driving away:

My Baby's A Genius: August 2010 - Part 2

And on to this month's amazing skills (at 25-26 months old), which were each a surprise to me as they came...

Reading 0, 1, and 10.

In response to the question "What shape is this?" he can identify and say circle, square, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, oval, parallelogram, diamond, heart, and sometimes rectangle. He seems to have a little trouble with triangle.

Counting from 1 to 10 in Spanish (well, I got the camera turned on at 3), then from 1 to 10 in Mandarin Chinese:

Counting from 1 to 10 in French (I got the camera turned on by 2 this time):

Singing his ABCs (click to view at Photobucket):
The ABC Song at 25 months

And the skill that amazes people wherever we go:

Last weekend, we were walking down a street and he was excitedly calling out cars as they drove by at 35 miles an hour!

His current repertoire includes 15 cars. Do you know each of these?