Friday, April 2, 2010

A Month in Our Life: March 2010

Still no camera! So here is a few brief "journal entries" to memorialize fun things that happened this month.

The last thing we do before leaving the office every night is to put our toys and books into baskets. One night a client came in right before closing time and stayed about 1 1/2 hours, so by the time she was gone my baby was over-tired and definitely ready for bed, and the room was a disaster . I bent down to put a few things in my bag, and when I stood up the entire room was perfectly clean! My baby walked over to me and started to pull the bag towards the door. He may not be able to tell me with words that he's ready to go, but his communication skills are impeccable.

Our first year in Denver, we lived with my brother's wife's parents, affectionately termed Oma and Opa. We didn't see them much after moving out last November, but recently started going to their church and so now see them at least once a week. The first Sunday we saw them at church, my baby was so overjoyed he couldn't stop saying Oma and Opa. He woke up and went to sleep saying Oma and Opa! And now every time we drive into the church parking lot, he starts saying Oma Opa Oma Opa. I guess he misses them!

New skills this month include walking up and down stairs without holding on to anything, walking on his heels, and walking backwards.

My spare time has turned a bit crazy. The end of last month, God graciously brought me a sizable contract with an attorney. Each night I complete what I need to do for my own clients, then work at least two hours for him. I try and make it into the attorney's office at least once a week, plus I organize/clean house for a friend one morning a week and babysit at church two to three times a week. Beginning mid-April, I will be cutting my hours at the office down from six days a week to five. But at the same time I will be starting studies for a three-year Master Herbalist course, as well as training to be a La Leche League leader. I'm excited about each new opportunity, but am not sure exactly when I will have time to sleep, much less blog!